Geomiso is the first worldwide fully integrated CAD/ CAE software (disruptive innovation).

Geomiso, the outcome of 6 years of high added value applied research, is the first worldwide 2-in-1 CAD/ CAE software. It simulates engineering projects of highly complex geometries with a wide spectrum of applications (automotive, aerospace, naval engineering, defence, architecture, construction, consumer products, biomechanics). Geomiso is based on the breakthrough Isogeometric Method, which is the powerful generalization and evolution of the classical Finite Element Method, thus, satisfying the rising need for technical software with dual design and analysis nature in the international market.
Geomiso - as compared with existing commercial engineering software - eliminates the geometric error, increases the accuracy of the  analysis results significantly, reduces the required computational time drastically and saves resources (building materials, energy, staff), thereby allowing for implementing more accurate, qualitative and environmentally friendly engineering projects.


Computational Geometry


Computational Mechanics


Isogeometric Analysis
Although both the global industries CAD and CAE grow at impressive compound annual growth rate (2012-2016), engineers couldn't benefit from the latest CAD advanced techniques. The main obstacle is the fact that engineers have a limited knowledge of computational geometry and designers know nothing about computational mechanics. Geomiso bridges the gap between these two international markets, disrupts them and creates high added value for both the engineer and the final product, the engineering product.
  1. Passion for research!
  2. Design and engineering remastered!

  3. Geomiso is creating a new generation of engineers, more familiar with CAD.
Our vision is to lead the new unified global CAD/ CAE market, offering hi-tech solutions for sustainable design and engineering worldwide.
Geomiso is bridging the gap between designers and engineers.
Join us on our journey!