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Geomiso is the first worldwide fully integrated CAD/ CAE software (disruptive innovation).

The pioneering Geomiso software has managed to fully integrate Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), merging the geometric design with the mesh generation into a single procedure, eliminating the geometric errors, significantly increasing the accuracy of the engineering analysis and drastically reducing the required computational time and cost, thus creating high added value for both the engineers and the engineering applications.

The company aspires to revolutionize the global CAD and CAE markets, as Geomiso is an international breakthrough in both computational mechanics and computational geometry that fully integrates the design and the analysis of engineering projects (e.g. machines, structures).

This outcome of 6 years of high added value applied research is able to design and analyse complex CAD models, having a wide spectrum of applications (automotive, aerospace, naval engineering, defence, architecture, construction, consumer products, biomechanics). It is based on the recently developed Isogeometric Method, which is the powerful generalization of the classical Finite Element Method (dates back to the 1960s), thus satisfying the rising need for technical software of dual CAD/ CAE nature in the international market.


Computational Geometry


Computational Mechanics


Isogeometric Analysis
Although both the global CAD and the global CAE industries are growing at impressive compound annual growth rate, engineers are not able to benefit from the latest CAD advanced techniques. The main obstacle is the fact that engineers have a limited knowledge of computational geometry and designers know nothing about computational mechanics.

To date, designers create the product design using CAD software and then deliver it to an engineer, who transfers the data of the CAD design to another programme, a CAE one, so as to carry out the engineering analysis and study its behaviour. Using finite element software packages, engineers are not able to efficiently utilize the exact existing mesh of the CAD model and they have to create from the very beginning a new one, the so-called finite element mesh, which is not precise and only approximates the geometric domain. Consequently, geometric errors are introduced, while the engineering analysis isn’t accurate enough to study complex CAD models.

Geomiso eliminates the time-consuming procedure of mesh generation. This key attribute, which enables Geomiso to be clearly superior to the finite element programmes, comes from the fact that it is based on the recently developed isogeometric method, the powerful generalization of the classical finite element method. Additionally, compared with the design programmes available in the market, Geomiso offers better capabilities, as it encompasses all the latest and most advanced CAD tools. Therefore, engineering applications end up being better and more optimized.
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Our vision is to revolutionize both the global CAD and the global CAE markets and to lead the new fully integrated one.
Geomiso is bridging the gap between CAD & CAE.
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